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Many organizations across the healthcare landscape lack the necessary technologies to meet modern needs

Providers find it difficult to engage with patients throughout the full care process and to successfully manage referrals.

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies face the familiar hurdles of marketing, sales, and service, hindering their ability to best serve customers.

Payers struggle to provide a great member experience while simultaneously navigating a messy regulatory landscape.

Laboratories and clinical research organizations wrestle with everything from outreach and patient recruitment to the automation of testing processes.

Torrent Consulting builds solutions on the Salesforce platform that solve these problems

We help customers with all aspects of Salesforce consulting — patient acquisition and retention, forecasting and pipeline management, clinical or technical support, and more. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, we’re experts at combining Salesforce technologies with the right strategy to help you better serve your patients and customers, no matter who they might be.

125+ healthcare projects completed

Average customer rating: 9.31/10

100+ Salesforce certifications

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Marketing Cloud™

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Service Cloud®


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Data warehouses

Custom solutions we offer

Patient Referral Management

Built on Salesforce Health Cloud, this solution* gives you a clear view of your network so you can grow your business in the smartest way.



*Featured in Salesforce’s Health Cloud Live campaign

Stories of Salesforce success

Check out some of the ways we’ve helped our customers — and find out what they had to say about working with Torrent.

“Torrent specifically has literally changed the way we do business. Our work together has revolutionized the way our state executes the back-end of the child welfare and juvenile justice system.”

Matt Wollack
Vice President of Strategic Development
Wolverine Human Services

“We had a bad fall with the first company that put our database together; they created more problems than needed... Torrent was able to come in, learn what our pain points are, make a decision that they needed to rebuild the system... They’re a good organization to work with mission-wise, and they’re great listeners.”

Pat Coleman
President and CEO

“Without the platform that we’ve built within the Salesforce ecosystem and the expertise of Torrent... we wouldn’t be able to go to market as fast as we are with our clients’ projects, nor would we be able to have the level of insights we need to show success.”

Sean Reed
Director, Technology + Innovation
Continuum Clinical

“I really love Torrent - they come in, engage, figure out what we need, and support us. Everyone is great at Torrent.”

Lori Melton
Vice President of Marketing

“When we started Salesforce, I was 100% against it because I had just been given the opportunity to manage our old CRM platform. I was also looking for other employment opportunities. Now I don’t want to leave my company. I’m not even fathoming another company. It [Salesforce] has nothing but potential.”

Marc Dietrich
IT Manager
Wolverine Human Services

Salesforce resources to help you grow

From the ins and outs of a successful outreach strategy to the intricacies of handling PHI in the cloud, we want to connect you with the information you need.

“With 14 years of industry experience, my goal is to transform the way healthcare organizations do business through the power of Salesforce. I’m excited to find out how I can help you do the same.”

All the best,

Ryan Zengerle,

Healthcare and Life Sciences Sales Lead,
Torrent Consulting

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