Continuum Clinical Leverages Real-Time Data for Patient Recruitment

Continuum Clinical is a global patient recruitment company. Working with pharmaceutical companies of all shapes and sizes, one of Continuum Clinical’s key strategies is to run media at scale to find and enroll patients in clinical trials.

Business Challenge

Over the last few years, it became apparent that Continuum Clinical’s in-house reporting system was the culprit for several specific pain points. Employees looking to glean insights from the data generated by Continuum’s creative, branding and media buying teams and vendors spent an immense amount of time sorting through and manipulating spreadsheets to find the information they needed. In turn, many of the company’s project team members and analysts were forced to serve double duty as data pullers and manipulators to ultimately get to the data Continuum and its clients needed most. The results of this process were not serving Continuum’s users, who needed more than data-heavy spreadsheets. They wanted the story behind the data — to see clearly how to improve patient recruitment numbers and help sponsors achieve faster drug approvals. 


Knowing full well that to leave behind their end-of-life legacy reporting system meant an investment in developing, building and training new skill sets, Continuum Clinical began the search for a partner who would be aligned in their success. After an introduction from Salesforce, Continuum brought in Torrent Consulting to undertake Salesforce build that would fit their unique industry and use case.  As a result of this partnership, Continuum received an org capable of integrating with any disparate data source from any vendor, client or internal department. Before, there were spreadsheets; now there are intuitive dashboards powered by Einstein. Users can finally access the data and insights they need in real time. 

As a result of choosing Salesforce and working with Torrent, Continuum:

Finally gained the real-time ability to harness their data to increase efficiencies and accelerate patient recruitment.

Became the first health and life science company to use Salesforce Experience Cloud to deliver Einstein dashboard and reports, which in turn boosted transparency with clients.

Earned a distinct competitive advantage during the bid process thanks to their system’s data reporting capabilities.

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