Our Implementation Services

Lots of partners can build you a Salesforce® solution, but few can guide you to the technology that works best for you. No matter what type of Salesforce project you’re interested in, our consultative approach doesn’t change — we’ll work with you to fix your teams’ pain points and streamline your processes through technology.

Salesforce Implementation

Fast-forward to improved efficiency

You’ve likely already heard how the Salesforce platform can align your marketing, sales and service teams with unified customer data and streamlined processes, but you may not know how to get there. The Salesforce suite is complex, and so companies need expert guidance to customize their cloud technology in a way that best serves their employees’ needs.   That’s where we come in. With over 1,000 projects under our belts and a 96% customer satisfaction rate, we offer unparalleled, personalized service to each of our clients. Whether you’re a small business just getting started with the platform or a multinational company seeking a complete technology transformation, you can trust us to guide your organization to its ideal technology solution.


“Without the platform that we’ve built within the Salesforce ecosystem and the expertise of Torrent... we wouldn’t be able to go to market as fast as we are with our clients’ projects, nor would we be able to have the level of insights we need to show success.”

Sean Reed | Director, Technology + Innovation | Continuum Clinical

Salesforce Integration

Gain 360-degree visibility into your data

For many organizations, working with multiple technology systems is a part of daily life. Different teams rely on different specialized solutions to get the job done. But, if these disparate tools aren’t integrated correctly, they can bog your employees down with incomplete visibility into critical information, duplicate data entry and more.


We believe in the power of the Salesforce platform as an integrated data hub, and we can help you reach this end goal. Our skilled team of architects and developers will collaborate with you to design the optimal dataflow between systems, to ensure that all of your people have access to the right information — wherever they need it, whenever they need it.


“I would definitely recommend Torrent to others. I think they might just be our first vendor that has come in on time and on budget… They hit what they were planning to deliver on.”

Josiah Ploeger | Systems Development Manager | Fusion Academy

Lightning™ Conversion

Upgrade your CRM functionality

The Salesforce Lightning experience is much more than a stylish new interface. It’s a thoroughly revamped CRM system — chock full of productivity features, reporting enhancements and customization options unavailable in Classic — that’s sure to impress users and improve adoption. And with each release, Salesforce continues to improve Lightning faster than Classic, sending a clear message: Lightning is the future.


We understand that the switch is daunting. It doesn’t just mean getting used to a new UI; it might require you to rewire old features that aren’t Lightning compatible. But our Lightning experts can guide your organization to the perfect solution, letting you get the most out of the new experience, guarantee a smooth transition and enjoy full Lightning adoption.


"This project wouldn't have happened without Torrent... We could have gone with some other provider perhaps, but we’ve really enjoyed working with Torrent, and we think the depth and quality of Torrent’s resources really help us make sure that all of the projects get done and are successful, and that the end users are very happy with the product."

Levi Reeves | VP Of Corporate Development | Service Logic

Salesforce Optimization

Improve your tech efficiency

Has your Salesforce platform become overgrown with obsolete functionality, unused fields or conflicting automations? Is it filled with features that seem to be slowing your people down, rather than speeding them up?


If so, a Salesforce optimization may be the best option for you. We’ll work with you to tighten up your technology by realigning the Salesforce platform to your current processes, streamlining your solutions and removing unneeded functionality. Our team brings years of experience and industry-wide best practices to your organization, to get your tech systems running at peak efficiency and help you boost user adoption.


“What I really like about Torrent, compared to some other companies I've worked with, is that they don’t wait. We were able to quickly define our development processes and then just go for it. We’ve really been able to accomplish a lot in 3 to 4 months. It’s been a great experience for us here at Swift.”

Jim Militello | Chief Financial Officer | Swift Biosciences

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