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No matter the manufacturer, OEM or aftermarket, a changing industry landscape is creating new challenges

Legacy systems — often siloed and on-premises — don’t provide the level of data access sales and leadership teams need to push the business forward.

Selling through partners who aren’t equipped with the right tools can lead to poor channel management.

Without an integrated technology suite — CRM, marketing automation, quoting and billing — sales organizations are likely to struggle with lead generation, activity tracking, forecasting and more.

More than ever, buyers expect world-class service — making the ability to deliver an exceptional post-sale experience absolutely essential.

Torrent Consulting creates custom solutions on the Salesforce platform designed to help you overcome these problems

We help manufacturers and distributors integrate their front- and back-office technologies, deploy partner portals that leverage robust sales and quoting tools, implement intelligent field service solutions and more. Our goal? To balance our respect for the industry’s past with an excitement for its future to help you drive growth and create sustainable success.


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We’re experts in all Salesforce products, including:

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Stories of Salesforce success

Find out how we’ve helped our customers — and what they had to say about working with Torrent.

“At Fraza, customer experience is our top priority. When we met Torrent and Salesforce in 2016, we shared with them our vision of how we wanted to engage our customers. The Fraza team is now connected like never before. This allows for every customer-facing experience to be the best it can possibly be. Our vision is now a reality!”

Roger Runyan

“Torrent helped us and guided us in how we could utilize [Salesforce] to best develop and gain the benefit of it… They really helped us formulate our thoughts, our strategies. They kept us very much on task.”

Reid Jajko
VP of Sales

Leon Speakers has manufactured high-end audio equipment for over twenty years. With our guidance, their team turned Salesforce into a launching pad to better serve more customers and more orders.

“Torrent is very good at being honest, giving us honest feedback when we come up with an idea that isn’t right… The other thing I like is that [the Torrent team] is very conscientious of our billing hours… [It means] we can get all the work done that we want to [complete] every month.”

Doug MacMaster
Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations

“Torrent’s consulting experience is not to be underestimated. Just because you can execute and build things in Salesforce doesn’t mean you should be building those things… I appreciate Torrent’s honest feedback about what’s best... The whole team has been really great to work with.”

Jonathon Pop
Director of Technology

Salesforce resources to help you grow

From the top sales KPIs to track to insights into the industry’s digital transformation, we’re committed to bringing you the manufacturing information you need most.

"Having grown up in a manufacturing family, I couldn’t be more excited to see the transformation happening within the industry. My goal is to walk alongside organizations as they embark on journeys of positive change using the power of the Salesforce platform. I’m here to assist you whether you’re just beginning this process or already well down the road."

All the best,

Anthony Eshaghi,

Manufacturing Sales Lead,
Torrent Consulting

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