NSK Achieves Stronger Quota Attainment & Forecasting

NSK is a global manufacturer of roller and ball bearings, linear motion guides, and auto and steering components. Founded in Tokyo over 100 years ago, today the company has reached nearly nine billion dollars in sales.

Business Challenge

NSK’s driving pain point was a lack of data accessibility. Due to the particular nature of their business, their sales team needs to go through distributors to work with end users. This fact — paired with an in-house sales tracking system that featured limited capabilities — made it difficult to consolidate the necessary information to provide value to those end users. Sales reps would show up to meetings without data or a comprehensive understanding of the users’ problems. This lead to less-than-optimal results.. It became very clear that NSK’s sales team needed a better way to quickly arm themselves with the right information to better help distributors and end users and ultimately boost sales.


Recognizing that Salesforce could provide an excellent solution to their problem, NSK partnered with Torrent Consulting to implement Sales Cloud. Thanks to their new CRM, the company was able to tie many different aspects of their business together — inventory, quotas, target accounts, end users, corporate account information, etc. — and store that extensive repository of information in a single place. This made the same valuable data available to everybody, including members of the engineering and marketing teams. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the data visibility Salesforce has brought the sales team. Now, sales reps come to meetings with distributors and end users prepared with historical data, action plans and critical next steps. This has allowed NSK to differentiate themselves from competitors.


Sales quota hit rates have improved by nearly 20%

Forecasting has improved from less than 10% accuracy to within 2 points

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