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Sometimes the next step forward with your technology doesn’t involve touching a computer at all — sometimes, the best move is to map out your organization’s future before making a single change. Though we love being builders and go-getters, we’re more than that. We’re also visionaries, business consultants and process perfecters. Whether we end up building the solution or not, we’d love to help you plan your journey on the Salesforce® platform. Check out all the ways we can work with you to envision a more efficient future.

Vision Workshop

Chart your path to streamlined technology

With so many possibilities in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s easy to get lost without a concrete idea of where you’re going.


But that’s precisely what a vision workshop gives you: a plan for your organization’s internal technology, centered on the Salesforce platform. We’ll sit down with employees at every level of your business — executives, managers and end users — to understand their processes, pains and goals. Then, we’ll turn that into a blueprint for your tech transformation. Which systems to consider, how they’ll connect together, where to start and more — it’s your organization’s path forward, in a single document.


“The experience with Torrent has been great. They really get that process drives the technology, and they’ve been key in helping us define those processes as they build the system. And beyond that, they’re responsive and helpful, even when we’re in between projects. We feel like we have business partners to work with — but also friends who are helping us through this process.”

Ashley Lampen | Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence | Beene Garter LLP

Discovery & Design

Find technology solutions customized to your teams’ needs

The discovery and design phases are core parts of every implementation project we do. But if you’re planning a large-scale technology transformation, especially one that involves integrating Salesforce with external systems, it pays to spend time ironing out the system architecture before jumping in.


In our discovery and design projects, we dive deep into your teams’ worlds to understand the ins and outs of their daily work. From there, we devise a detailed technology solution tailored to meet their needs. You’ll walk away with everything included in the vision workshop, plus proposed architecture diagrams, process flows and a roadmap for implementing the proposed design. From there, you can build with confidence, knowing that you’re guided by a comprehensive vision for your internal platforms.


"I love Torrent. I have high expectations of the companies I work with, but everyone that I’ve come into contact with on the Torrent team has been just exceptional. I know I would have had a much more stressful first year at Netsertive if I didn’t have Torrent’s resources available."

Tannen Gliatta | Salesforce Administrator | Netsertive

Health Check

Boost your tech efficiency

As your Salesforce org grows and changes with your business, it’s occasionally necessary to bring in an expert for a tech checkup. Our diagnostic services don’t just involve getting under the hood of your CRM and looking for inefficiencies — we’ll also interview users from each team to understand their pain points with the platform and how it could better support them.   From there, we’ll provide your teams with a clear picture of what’s working well in your Salesforce build and what isn’t. Plus, we offer precise and actionable recommendations to streamline the platform — a veritable roadmap to higher performance. Trust us, it’ll be your Salesforce admin’s best friend.


"I really love Torrent - they come in, engage, figure out what we need, and support us. Everyone is great at Torrent."

Lori Melton | Vice President Of Marketing | Rhythmlink

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