Rhythmlink Hits Record Revenue Goals Through Salesforce Technologies

Rhythmlink International, LLC© designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices, while providing custom packaging, products, labeling and contract manufacturing to its customers.

Business Challenge

As an innovative medical tech company, Rhythmlink recognized the potential of the Cloud early on, especially in terms of sales and marketing alignment.


  • The previous out-of-the-box Salesforce implementation was not optimized for marketing and sales needs so team leaders did not see maximum ROI from the technology
  • The marketing and sales teams needed to strengthen their communication with one another
  • Marketing was not automated, and reports and dashboards not optimized
  • Sales already had strong processes in place, but saw an opportunity to strengthen visibility into data for pipeline reports and forecasting

As soon as they realized Salesforce technologies could not only increase each team’s output, but their alignment with one another, Rhythmlink decided to act.


Rhythmlink brought in Torrent Consulting to equip its sales and marketing teams with the processes and tools that supported a newly aligned revenue-generation strategy. They:


  • Migrated to Lightning in Sales Cloud for high-level data visibility with interactive & intuitive reports and dashboards
  • Implemented Pardot to automate the entire marketing process


Soon, these technological transformations motivated the sales and marketing teams to do everything differently – conversations, relationships and trainings became more transparent and productive. The result?

Last year was a record year for revenue at Rhythmlink. 

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