Netsertive Chooses Salesforce as Its Automated Information Hub

I love Torrent. I have high expectations of the companies I work with, but everyone that I’ve come into contact with on the Torrent team has been just exceptional. I know I would have had a much more stressful first year at Netsertive if I didn’t have Torrent’s resources available.

Tannen Gliatta | Salesforce Administrator | Netsertive

Netsertive has reimagined digital marketing by leveraging its team of expert strategists coupled with the power of its ground-breaking, data-fueled platform to create a unique solution for large brands and small businesses alike. Netsertive’s People + Platform approach gives businesses unprecedented agility, control and insights that maximize localized ad dollars spent at scale. Netsertive is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, with an office in Seattle, Washington.

Business Challenge


Before coming to the Salesforce® platform, Netsertive used Netsuite® as both its ERP and CRM. The company felt that Netsuite was the perfect ERP for its needs. But, it knew it needed to upgrade its customer-facing technology.


Tannen Gliatta, Netsertive’s Salesforce admin, explained, “As the company grew, in terms of headcount and product offerings, it became apparent that we needed something more robust.”


After all, Netsertive’s processes involved a variety of manual tasks, across teams, to keep multiple systems up to date. Meanwhile, Netsuite didn’t always provide these teams with the streamlined communication and visibility they needed to deliver white-glove service to their customers. Netsertive felt it needed a world-class CRM to take the next step as an organization. It required a platform that could not only help it automate and standardize its processes, but also provide data insights into which activities were driving success for the organization.


Netsertive knew that the Salesforce suite represented the gold standard of CRMs, but understood it would take a large change to align its processes on an entirely new platform.

Disconnected systems

Inefficient processes

Limited data visibility

Communication gaps



Together with Torrent Consulting, Netsertive laid out a vision for its internal technology that would tackle these challenges. The two sides built custom Sales Cloud® and CPQ solutions to streamline Netsertive’s sales and renewal processes, while also integrating these new tools with Netsuite (using Dell Boomi®) to ensure seamless billing and invoicing after deal close.


Even after the original implementation, these teams have continued to collaborate. With Torrent’s managed services team, Netsertive has automated its customer onboarding workflow and developed a marketing attribution system within the Salesforce platform. As Netsertive works to optimize its customer-facing technology, this partnership helps it complete new enhancements agilely.


As Gliatta put it, “Torrent’s experience with the more technical aspects of the Salesforce platform and their knowledge of our Salesforce environment help us implement relatively complex changes quickly.”

Discovery & Design

Sales Cloud


Netsuite integration (via Dell Boomi)

Managed services


Decreased time to produce and sign contracts

Increased visibility into marketing attribution

Streamlined customer onboarding process

These efforts have helped Netsertive drive results across the organization. Its salespeople can now get contracts out faster, with fewer errors along the way. The marketing attribution system it built helps its marketing employees understand their impact on deals. Client success teams, meanwhile, benefit from the enhanced collaboration they can achieve by using the Salesforce platform as a central information hub.


Customers, too, have seen the dividends of these changes. Netsertive’s streamlined quoting processes allow clients to sign contracts faster. From there, improvements to the onboarding system help them get started on their digital marketing transformation earlier than before. Finally, increased communication among Netsertive’s teams has led to even more responsive customer support.


“The end result for the client has really improved,” Tannen noted. “When it comes to our technology, we feel that we’re ahead of the competition. We’re leaders in what we do.”

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