Torrent Academy

A 2-year Salesforce Analyst training program, empowering marginalized Guatemalan youth to break out of poverty through formal employment.


63% of the population in rural Guatemala lives below the national poverty line. Having to support their families through informal labor at a young age, many Guatemalan youth are unable to receive an education beyond the 6th grade. Lacking opportunities for formal work, many are forced to live off less than $1 a day, simply surviving for another day of work.


At Torrent, we are driven to address issues surrounding economic mobility. We do this by extending the opportunity for education, training, and formal work to marginalized youth in rural Guatemala.

Through our 2-year Salesforce Analyst training program, our apprentices are able to learn valuable communication, business, and life skills. Ultimately, building confidence in themselves and hopes for their future

At Torrent, our purpose is to raise up leaders so that lives are transformed. Therefore, Torrent Academy aims to provide more than just the skills needed to become a Salesforce Analyst. Our approach with our apprentices is the same for all of our Torrent Guides — we invest in the whole person, not just their career.


Being Fluent In English

Achieve Salesforce
Admin Certification

Receive Salary & Benefits

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Making An Impact In Guatemala Since 2017

Since day one, Torrent has strived to build a business that makes an impact in the world. With that in mind, we opened an office in Antigua, Guatemala in 2017. Since then, we have successfully trained 9 apprentices that are either Salesforce Analysts or on their way to become one.