Industries We Love to Serve

Flexible technology, industry-specific expertise

One of the key advantages of the Salesforce platform is its flexibility, to both scale and adapt to your business’s needs. But such an adaptable solution comes with its own challenges: How can you tailor such a moldable platform to serve your company best?

To get the most out of the Salesforce product suite, you need a consulting partner with deep expertise in your industry. Someone who understands the distinct challenges businesses like yours face and has a history of solving those industry-specific issues with the right technology solutions. Read on to see the work we’ve done in our industries of focus, and how we can guide you to the customer-centric technology your teams need.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Enabling improved patient experiences through Salesforce

Organizations across the healthcare industry — providers, diagnostic laboratories, as well as medical device and pharmaceutical companies — struggle to engage with customers throughout the care journey. Disconnected systems and limited data visibility prevent them from serving their patients, members, and consumers in ways that boost customer acquisition and retention. Through our industry and Salesforce platform expertise, we build Salesforce solutions that empower healthcare organizations of all kinds to overcome these challenges and grow their businesses.


Driving customer-focused innovation through Salesforce

Companies across the manufacturing industry face new challenges and customer expectations in a shifting market landscape. And, more often than not, siloed technology systems restrict their ability to innovate and grow in response to these changes. We help manufacturers integrate innovative sales, quoting, and service technologies with their back-office platforms, allowing unparalleled customer visibility, forecasting, and customer support capabilities. The result is the collaborative technology required to propel your business forward, without disrupting the tried-and-true methods that got you where you are today.