Fraza Creates a One-Stop Shop for Customer Data and Activities

Founded in 1938 as a Detroit-based garage, Fraza has grown over the span of eight decades to become a full-service material handling business. With a team of 200 employees spanning a wide geography in Michigan, Fraza implements end-to-end solutions that decrease equipment downtime and increase job efficiency by partnering with customers to build their fleets for optimal results.

Business Challenge

Recently, Fraza has placed an emphasis on using technology to grow their business: Service technicians now use iPads for work orders and invoicing, and the company employs a software called Fleet Track that gives customers a better view of the services performed on their equipment. A key technology the company lacked, however, was a functional, up-to-date CRM. Their existing solution was rarely used, and had never been integrated with their ERP. As a result, there was little visibility into customers’ interactions across Fraza’s many service divisions. Beyond that, the sales team had come to track their deals in siloed Excel spreadsheets, leading to a lack of insight into the pipeline and an executive-level reporting process that was overly labor intensive. It was clear that if Fraza wanted to continue to use technology to grow, these problems needed to be addressed.


Fraza brought in Torrent Consulting to implement Sales Cloud and migrate all existing data from their old CRM. With the new org in place, Torrent then created the necessary integrations: third-party quoting tools, Outlook, and Fraza’s back-office ERP. The resulting system gave teams across the company — sales, service, rental, parts — a one-stop shop for all customer data and activities, including quotes.

Salesforce’s reporting capabilities have saved users 6-7 hours per week and delivered greater insights.

Integration with Fraza’s ERP has saved leadership in service and rentals department 4-5 hours per day.

Leads are now assigned and tracked in Salesforce, eliminating the risk of lost opportunities.

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