Service Logic Aligns and Streamlines Its Sales Teams

Service Logic is a privately held mechanical services provider, with roughly 50 regional heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) locations across the United States. Its branches primarily offer mechanical maintenance and repair services to commercial customers, such as industrial buildings, data centers, hospitals and universities. Service Logic aims to help its customers reduce energy consumption through maintenance contracts and energy practice consultation, to help them better understand their energy star rating and how to improve it.

Business Challenge

On its quest to continuously improve, Service Logic recognized that they weren’t fully leveraging their Salesforce investment. This was a critical find, considering the CRM’s potential to align the entire business after its latest acquisition and allow for greater efficiency in a competitive market.


Service Logic began using Salesforce in 2009 as a CRM and pipeline management solution. Since then, they engaged in some minor clean-up projects but not a complete revamp of their platform. As a result, some small inconsistencies and inefficiencies developed in the org over that period, and some newer features such as Lightning remained unused.


At the same time, Service Logic acquired a company with a separate Salesforce instance. So it needed to merge this company into their own Salesforce org, or else end up manipulating data outside of the platform to understand how this new acquisition compared to the rest of their business.


Service Logic’s company structure is unique — it allows its branches to independently run separate accounting software and ERP systems, meaning that Salesforce is one of the few tools the entire company shares. Salesforce’s role as a common link for the company, and Service Logic’s desire to provide their people with the best sales tool possible, pointed to a need to revamp their org and maximize its efficiency.


Together with Torrent Consulting, Service Logic migrated to Salesforce Lightning and optimized their Sales Cloud platform to streamline their processes and remove inefficiencies. They simultaneously merged their new acquisition into their instance by aligning their Salesforce solution with the acquired company’s existing one, ensuring that any new data would fit into a single consolidated org.


In this way, Service Logic consolidated their sales teams into an optimized set of processes using the latest Salesforce technology available, allowing them to function as efficiently and quickly as any competitor in the market.

Lightning’s automated reminders increased the number of sales activities by 140%.

Improved efficiency caused opportunity time-to-close to decrease by 45%.

Enhanced reporting increased insight into sales success for salespeople, local sales managers and corporate alike.

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