Swift Biosciences Automates Customer Engagement via the Salesforce Platform

“What I really like about Torrent, compared to some other companies I've worked with, is that they don’t wait. We were able to quickly define our development processes and then just go for it. We’ve really been able to accomplish a lot in 3 to 4 months. It’s been a great experience for us here at Swift.”

Jim Militello | Chief Financial Officer | Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences strives to provide its clients with high-level service. When your customers are laboratories performing healthcare research, you understand the importance of fast and proactive client support.


Swift’s next-gen sequencing kits help labs repair highly degraded samples, allowing these customers to detect mutations in specimens that they might not have been able to test otherwise. With both its products and superior service, it hopes to make it easier for laboratories to carry out their vital research. After all, the more Swift Biosciences helps its customers with their work, the more lives these laboratories can ultimately save.

Business Challenge


As a small business, Swift Biosciences knew it could deliver the premium, personalized service its customers needed. Before 2018, however, it didn’t possess the CRM setup required to support these efforts. The company was using the Salesforce® platform in a limited capacity, but their teams weren’t consistently entering the quality of data needed to automate customer-facing processes efficiently.


Jim Militello, Swift’s chief financial officer, explained, “When I came in, I looked at Salesforce and realized we hadn’t locked down a lot of fields that are critical to driving workflow.”


And, because the company couldn’t standardize its work on its current systems, it occasionally ran into situations where multiple people owned the same process in different capacities. This often led to duplicated effort.


Swift Biosciences was growing quickly and needed a streamlined technology solution that could scale with the company. Swift’s employees knew the Salesforce platform could serve as that solution but recognized they needed to make significant changes to get to that point.

Incomplete data

Inefficient processes

Duplicative effort



Militello worked with Torrent Consulting to clean up the data and structure of Swift’s Salesforce instance.


“We had some data in there that was three years old. We had to cleanse that data. We had to fix our workflows by making specific fields mandatory on a go-forward basis. We added all kinds of automations as well, and we’ve really just cleaned a lot of stuff up,” noted Militello.


Many of these improvements centered on enhancing the customer experience. They revamped Swift’s lead routing system, for example, to make sure that every prospect got assigned to the right rep instantly, for quicker follow-up. They also concentrated on customer segmentation to automatically deliver personalized messages to their customers and prospects. In focusing on these efforts — and overall on a streamlined Sales Cloud® solution and Constant Contact® integration — Torrent and Swift Biosciences worked to standardize the platinum-level customer service Swift prides itself on.

Managed services

Salesforce Optimization

Sales Cloud

Constant Contact integration


More proactive and targeted customer engagement

Automated and streamlined sales process

Increased customer touchpoints during post-sale process

“We’re finally to the point where we can start leveraging Salesforce for increased functionality.”


That’s how Militello described Swift’s transformation to date on the platform. The above work has ultimately allowed the company to provide more proactive service to its customers through increased touchpoints. Automatic and targeted customer communications, such as specific emails sent to first-time clients or those that purchased a particular kit, are helping it drive meaningful engagement in a scalable way.


From there, Swift knows that increased customer adoption and retention will follow. The end result? More customers receiving top-notch service — so that these labs can spend more time on life-saving research.

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