menMD Offers Concierge Services Through a Revolutionary Patient Portal

Torrent was a great partner. They came in on budget and on time and delivered a fully integrated portal for our patient members. We’re excited to work with them on future projects.

Carey Frasca | CEO and Co-founder | menMD

Erectile dysfunction can be difficult to talk about, and some men need help building the right treatment plan for their unique situation. The well-known pills don’t work for everyone — especially those with common comorbidities and surgeries. Alternative treatment options are effective but more difficult to administer. That can leave a lot of men with potentially embarrassing questions.


menMD exists to solve this problem. They offer concierge treatment services, ranging from convenient home medication delivery to clinical support and education for men with sexual health conditions. menMD patient advocates work as an extension of the patient’s healthcare provider after they leave the practice office with a prescribed treatment plan.

Business Challenge


menMD’s leadership team was ready to scale the business and anticipated how increasing patient membership would significantly impact its call center team and potentially affect its ability to provide timely, high-quality patient support. menMD uses the® Service Cloud® suite to manage customer interactions. At the time, patients could only access menMD patient services, including prescription order processing, through phone call conversations.


“The challenge we faced was how to grow exponentially while improving patient services and finding operational efficiencies,” explained Bob Spaner, menMD’s director of marketing and business development.


The company needed a new way to engage its patient members through technology. It found the answer with a one-of-a-kind solution, built on the Salesforce platform.

Lack of scalability

Inefficient processes

Limited customer support channels



menMD teamed up with Torrent Consulting to build a custom eCommerce experience. The security settings and flexibility of the Salesforce platform enabled them to create a HIPAA-compliant portal in which patients can order and manage prescriptions relevant to their unique care plans.


Spaner noted, “The information required to fill prescription orders online can now be accessed in the menMD Portal on secure eCommerce pages, protected by the patient’s unique login credentials. Patients love this convenient alternative to calling in their medication orders.”


menMD and Torrent filled this patient community with support resources, too. Together, they built forums where patients can come together to discuss sensitive topics and learn from others’ experiences. They implemented Live AgentTM web chat functionality to offer patients a discreet way to contact patient advocates. And, patients can use this web portal to submit treatment questions, which automatically route to menMD’s support teams via the Service Cloud suite.


“We want to offer more choices to our patient membership and so ask them, ‘How do you want to us to take care of you? Some men want live conversations, and others prefer our automated self-services,” Spaner said.

Community Cloud

Custom eCommerce site

Service Cloud (Live Agent)

Marketing Cloud


patient base growth since go-live

of prescription order volume deflected away from call center

Quadrupled web traffic to, the access point for the menMD Portal

“This project has made a big difference to the business. Before, 80% of our prescription orders went through our call center and 20% through our AutoFill program. Now just a year later, only 52% of orders are placed over the phone,” said Carey Frasca, menMD’s CEO and co-founder.


Since go-live a year ago, more and more patients have begun using the menMD Portal to take ownership of their treatment plan. That frees up menMD’s patient advocates to spend more time counseling patients who need individualized support. So ultimately, menMD can expand its offerings to more men while keeping its robust advocacy services in place. After all, the more patients menMD serves, the more men will receive the most effective treatment available and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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