TSI Healthcare Aligns its Team with a Single Technology Platform

TSI Healthcare is a national leader in the sales and support NextGen® Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software. Their software is designed to meet the needs of specialty practices through specific EHR content, first-class service and award winning software.


TSI’s entire team is committed to the measurable success of every client. They care deeply about the individual client and they want to ensure that all their customers are experiencing raging success.


We love their commitment to their customers and their commitment to delivering the best products possible.

Business Challenge

TSI had previously implemented Salesforce but needed it more customized to fit their team and allow them to function more efficiently. Their main needs were:


  • To move from Quickbooks to an accounting system on the Salesforce platform
  • To move their sales and service teams to standard Salesforce objects from their highly customized system
  • To implement the service console so their customer service team could work more efficiently


Torrent was there to provide TSI with the guidance and expertise that they needed to adopt and implement Salesforce successfully into their company. Some of the specific solutions were:


  • Sales Cloud – Set up and enabled end-to-end sales process from lead all the way through quote and contract management.
  • Service Cloud – Allowed their customer service reps to operate and serve TSI customers more efficiently using Service Console.
  • AppExchange App – (Milestones PM) – Enabled their project management team to onboard and implement new customers seamlessly


By aligning the company around a single technology platform, TSI created a more seamless, easy-to-use system.They now have a full view of all customer data at a glance instead of having to look multiple places. They were also able to:

Set up an accounting system that links and ‘talks’ directly to Salesforce.

More easily take advantage of upgrades and quarterly Salesforce releases, keeping their system clean and functional.

Allow their customer service reps to operate more efficiently using the console.

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