Seagis Property Group Gains a Holistic View of Customer Data

Seagis is a leading investor in industrial real estate in South Florida, New Jersey and the metropolitan New York area. They own approximately 9.5 million square feet of space in these markets.

Business Challenge

Originally a user of SugarCRM, Seagis was looking for a tool that would help provide a more holistic view of their properties. They needed a better way to manage information about properties in which they were interested. They felt that a move to Salesforce would address these challenges. Specifically, Torrent addressed these challenges:


  • Migrating their existing info into Salesforce. They needed to move the information they had in SugarCRM into Salesforce while keeping the records clean and consistent.
  • They needed custom reports and dashboards. One of the main reasons for the migration was the need for more robust data at their fingertips. They needed reports and dashboards set up in a way that would give them a holistic look at potential properties.


Torrent started by working with Seagis to develop a clear understanding of their business process and how they wanted to manage their data. It was clear that Seagis needed a complete overview of their existing and potential properties, so Torrent worked to make the implementation seamless and the necessary data intuitive and easy to access.


  • Torrent implemented Salesforce and completed a data migration from SugarCRM.
  • We carefully listened to their data needs and created dashboards and reports that gave them the correct information. We were able to streamline the data and present it in a way that gave them a clear, holistic view.


As a result, Seagis was able to:

Consolidate data into a single system of record. This reduced the time they were spending in spreadsheets, files and emails by keeping everything in one place.

View accessible and meaningful metrics. This streamlined data being collected for potential acquisitions, the property canvas schedule, recent sales and leasing comps and construction starts. The team gained faster access to more meaningful data, making their work more efficient.

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