Nada's Italy Eliminates Data Silos

Nada’s Italy is a tour company that leads small group tours through Italy, providing the opportunity to
experience the culture from a local’s perspective.

Business Challenge

Nada’s Italy already had Salesforce but struggled to make it the most efficient use of it for their business. A lack of understanding of Salesforce led to a poor adoption rate. They knew the platform could make their jobs easier, but the lack of understanding made it difficult to find information across departments. These were the main challenges they faced:


  • Business Challenge They struggled with user adoption. Though they were already on the Salesforce platform, many employees continued to use the old processes.
  • There was no clear process. The sales team was using their own tool for reporting before sending orders to the finance team. The finance team would then manually enter the orders into Salesforce, duplicating time and energy.
  • They lacked accurate reports. Nada’s didn’t have anywhere to view all their customer information in one place.


Torrent worked with Nada’s Italy to more clearly define their business process. After ensuring that we understood the process that would make their business most efficient, we optimized their Sales Cloud to make their work more streamlined between departments.


  • Solution Enhanced Sales Cloud and trained the sales team to work from a single platform.
  • Built reports and dashboards that would deliver appropriate information to departments.


As a result, Nada’s Italy was able to:

Have all their departments use a single platform. This drastically reduced the amount of manual data entry required and created more efficiency between the sales and Finance departments. It also eliminated the original process the sales team was using.

Easily view reports. Employees across the company were able to view the same reports. This gave everyone easy access to customer information and eliminated searching for records and information between departments.

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