EAS Consulting Group Overhauls Salesforce to Connect Its Clients with the Right Specialists

Everybody at Torrent has been very personable and enjoyable to work with. It feels like they’re part of the team and trying to help benefit us… Without hesitation, I’d recommend them.

Brett Steele | Chief Financial Officer | EAS Consulting Group, LLC

Founded more than a decade ago, EAS Consulting Group is the only company that serves every FDA-regulated industry — food, drugs, tobacco, medical devices, biologics, dietary supplements and more. That means its large network of independent consultants assists EAS’s over 1,500 clients with a vast array of challenges — reviewing nutrition facts panels, auditing manufacturing facilities, spearheading recall efforts, submitting approval applications. The list goes on.

Business Challenge


With such an extensive community of contractors — not to mention a large client base — EAS Consulting Group found itself struggling to manage so many relationships and so much data using its existing CRM. As Brett Steele, the company’s CFO, put it, “Our original CRM had no real organization or structure. It was essentially a Rolodex of names and email addresses.”


Without the right technological infrastructure in place, EAS found it challenging to quickly match clients with the consultants best able to help them — a problem that compounded as the company scaled. “When we started 12 years ago,” Steele said, “we were a much smaller business with fewer consultants, many of whom we had long histories with. As we have grown, so has our talent pool of very talented and experienced consultants. We wanted to ensure that we had a system in place that helped us to easily understand which consultant would be the best match as projects came in.”


The solution? Choose a new platform. Ultimately, the company decided on Salesforce and hired an implementation partner to help with the initial setup. Unfortunately, that firm’s work missed the mark. “Quite honestly, it never felt like we were on the same page,” Steele said.

Unorganized data

Significant growth created challenges with efficiently matching clients and consultants

Poor early implementation prevented full utilization of Salesforce capabilities



Putting that disappointment in the rearview mirror, EAS Consulting Group hired Torrent to revamp its org and make sure its data was structured in a way that suited the company’s processes and operations. From there, the two teams collaborated so that EAS could reap the full benefits of the Salesforce platform, building out automations and integrations to create new efficiencies.


Now, when someone reaches out to EAS by phone, email or web, a corresponding record is created in Salesforce, making it much easier for the company’s team of directors to track leads and opportunities — and, most importantly, ensure the consultant with the best matched skills is assigned to the job.

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Zapier integrations

Managed services


Navigable organization of more than 20,000 contacts

Increased efficiencies in tracking hundreds of opportunities and projects

Countless hours of time saved

With its Salesforce instance improved, EAS Consulting Group has a technology platform that matches its initial vision. Connecting a client with the right consultant has been optimized, data entry has become a much less demanding prospect, and — at the management level — reports and dashboards provide valuable business insights. “Looking back on it,” Steele remarked, “we question how we ever operated pre-Salesforce and pre-Torrent.”

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