Wolverine Human Services Transforms Business to Change Children Lives

Since 1987, Wolverine Human Service (WHS) has been the leader in providing services to the children and families of Michigan. Its mission? To provide safety, sustenance, nurturing and therapeutic interventions for children – and to do so in ways that overcome traditional social and economic barriers.

Business Challenge

Within an hour of being identified for foster eligibility, an at-risk youth needs to be placed with a family. As a result, record-keeping must be as real-time as possible. When WHS looked at its mediums for data entry — paper, fax and email — it found an opportunity to even better serve at-risk youth in the community.


Admin-specific Challenges:

Before WHS integrated Salesforce they were using a different technology that was said to be an “industry-leading” CRM, but it wasn’t functioning like they had hoped. The new CRM took too long to learn and required too much coding. Furthermore, Marc felt that he was just maintaining systems and was even looking for employment elsewhere.


WHS decided to partner with Torrent Consulting in implementing Salesforce, in hopes of better serving the youth. Marc was very hesitant when this idea was announced. He had just spent a significant portion of time learning the last CRM and thought Salesforce would just be more of the same. As soon as Marc started using the new platform, he started to see the difference. The ease of access allowed Marc to immediately take off with Salesforce. Any worries of struggle soon became a thought of the past. With all of the possibilities that Salesforce could offer WHS, the new CRM “alienated the old system.”


Marc rapidly went from what he called a “keyboard swapper,” to a managerial level role on the admin team.

WHS built what had taken them 2 years with the previous technology in less than 1 month

WHS gained the ability to pull critical reports that used to take 3-4 days in 10 minutes

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