MLabs Scales Its Top-Notch Customer Service on the Salesforce Platform

We had a great experience with Torrent. They came in highly recommended, which was important to us, and the implementation was very successful. We’re looking forward to future projects with them.

Craig Kaiser | Lead IT Analyst | MLabs

MLabs prides itself on “Expertise Delivered Personally.” As a full-service reference laboratory within Michigan Medicine, it provides access to expertise, sophisticated testing and consultative services to clinicians, healthcare systems and commercial laboratories outside the University of Michigan network.


MLabs makes a difference in the lives of the patients, the families and the providers served by its clients. Building personal relationships with clients allows MLabs to advance health from a laboratory platform, personalizing patient- and family-centered care. Providing world-class service is just one of the many things that differentiate MLabs from other reference laboratories.

Business Challenge


MLabs planned to grow, but before it could do so, its leadership needed to ensure the organization could scale without radically increasing headcount or compromising its top-notch customer service. MLabs couldn’t do that with its existing CRM, so it turned to the Salesforce suite.


“Before Salesforce®, MLabs was already recognized within Michigan Medicine as delivering a gold standard of customer service to our clients. In some ways, though, we’d been operating in a small-business mode for so long that we still had a lot of manual and inefficient processes.”


Craig Kaiser, MLabs’ lead IT analyst, stated that a commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement were key factors that led the organization to the Salesforce platform. Quality service was delivered in spite of some inefficient processes. Their existing CRM wasn’t able to optimize workflow. The MLabs’ client services team needed a way to log client interactions and notes seamlessly across the organization.

Inefficient processes

Lack of scalability

Limited data visibility



MLabs leadership heard about Torrent Consulting through colleagues within the broader University of Michigan network, and the two sides collaborated to design a vision for MLabs’ platform. Throughout a discovery and design engagement — and the follow-up implementation project — they sought feedback from all levels of the MLabs organization to ensure the resulting solution worked for all of its users.


“It was important to us that everyone had a voice in the process,” Kaiser said.


With this methodology guiding them, they implemented the Service Cloud® suite to offer MLabs’ client services team a collaborative tool on which to log customer communications and analyze past interactions. They customized the Salesforce Knowledge™ solution, too, to serve as a shared repository of MLabs’ combined institutional expertise. Together, these two tools formed a collaborative information hub that MLabs’ teams could use to access vital client information quickly.

Discovery & Design

Service Cloud



Over 2,300 cases closed per month

Over 200 Knowledge articles published to date

Decreased time to onboard new employees

Since that implementation project, MLabs has built its client services workflow on the Salesforce suite. Kaiser noted, “We had great user adoption. We’re fully into using Salesforce every day for the client services experience. And we’re starting to develop solutions on top of that to serve our administrative staff in different ways.”


MLabs’ transparent and democratic approach to the CRM design process has built trust in the platform across the organization. As a result, teams benefit from streamlined communication and knowledge sharing, leading to quicker and more seamless service as clients interact with different MLabs employees. MLabs leadership, meanwhile, can use the solution’s data to spot overall patterns and trends in customer interactions. The team is just starting to leverage these insights, but they know this data will ultimately allow them to improve MLabs’ excellent customer experience and help even more clinicians serve their patients.

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