Leon Speakers Stays Focused on Customers During High Growth

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Leon Speakers has manufactured high-end audio equipment for over twenty years. Whether you’re in the market for a custom sound system for your home, an audio solution for your office or a piece of moving art to conceal your television, Leon Speakers is the go-to for high-quality, American-made products. Leon Speakers has seen tremendous growth year over year and is expecting double-digit sales growth this year

Business Challenge

Leon Speakers prides itself on putting customers first. Customer service has always been a priority and strength to its team of artists, designers, engineers and craftsmen. In fact, for the 7th year in a row, they were awarded by CE Pro with a “Quest for Quality” award and were recognized for outstanding service by manufacturers and distributors.


But Leon Speakers isn’t stopping there.


Leon Speakers was in search of a technology solution that could help manage their growth, by identifying and solving cases faster for customers.


Leon Speakers used Salesforce prior to bringing in Torrent Consulting, but the CRM was primarily serving as a data storage system. With Torrent’s guidance, the team turned its storage system into a launching pad to better serve more customers and more orders, increasing visibility into key customer data in a big way.


Leon Speakers now has the opportunity to analyze customer case data, identify trends and respond even faster to customer needs.


This data is crucial in helping the team not only center around its customers, but do so more efficiently — creation time around just one key weekly customer report, for example, was reduced by 83%! The team now spends this extra time on the other key activities that allow them to remain at the top of their customer service game.


Furthermore, the entire business now shares easy-to-access dashboards that automatically identify any account with 3 or more cases opened in a given month, indicating a need for special attention and support.


As for the future, the team is focused on continuing to offer the quickest, most proactive support to all customers, as it continues to set an example of what “customer-centric” truly means.

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