For Atrium Hospitality, Salesforce Is a Tool It “Can’t Live Without”

I really can’t say anything negative about the experience of working with Torrent… They really took our Salesforce to the next level.

Paul Papadopulos | Director of National Sales | Atrium Hospitality

Atrium Hospitality combines two key elements of the hotel business — ownership and management — that are frequently overseen by separate entities. This unique approach gives the company greater control over creating positive experiences for its guests and associates, a feat it accomplishes across 82 properties licensed by 16 different brands (including Marriott, Hilton and Intercontinental).

Business Challenge


In order to keep creating those positive experiences, however, Atrium needs to keep its hotels booked — and that’s where Paul Papadopulos enters the picture. As director of national sales, he’s responsible for selling group and contract business (like room blocks for corporate events and travelling sports teams) for all 82 of the company’s hotels. As you can imagine, that translates to a massive amount of customers and potential deals — too many to manage without the right technology. As Papadopulos said, “I needed a platform to help me stay diligent with the customers, the folks in the hotels, and the business that the various customer groups have.”


Ultimately, he decided on Salesforce as his CRM solution of choice and hired a consulting partner to implement the platform. The process went smoothly, but by the end of the contract period, he’d jotted down some new features he wanted to see — and the firm seemed uninterested in further projects. “I needed somebody to take it to the next level,” Papadopulos said.

Large number of customers/deals to manage

No admin to help with Salesforce



After Atrium Hospitality signed a managed services contract with Torrent Consulting, the two companies began a months-long collaboration, tackling the items on Papadopulos’ wish list. Some examples? Automating aspects of Atrium’s opportunity process, creating web-to-lead functionality so that inbound inquiries would appear as leads in Salesforce, and enhancing the “properties” custom object so multiple hotels could be tied to a single opportunity.


According to Papadopulos, “It was great to have a company that seemed to have a great interest in learning about our business and how Salesforce could help grow our business.”

Sales Cloud

Managed services


More organized lead/opportunity management

Improved reporting on key activities

Increased sales

The changes Torrent helped put in place have elevated Atrium Hospitality’s Salesforce instance into an indispensable tool, with its organizational and reporting capabilities contributing to better sales. “Probably the greatest thing is that it has freed up time for me to sell, to be in front of customers,” Papadopulos mentioned. “I can’t live without it at this point.”


Right now, the company is in the process of onboarding new sales reps. The goal is to get them used to the system, to start writing down their own Salesforce requests. And then? “My plan is to rehire Torrent once we have a substantial enough list,” Papadopulos said.

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