Salesforce Winter 24 Release Notes Highlights

Another summer has come and gone. The leaves are starting to change their colors, the sun is starting to set

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Another summer has come and gone. The leaves are starting to change their colors, the sun is starting to set earlier, and for us in Washington, D.C. we’ve definitely seen a shift in the weather. We have officially entered the time of the year when putting on sweatpants before taking your dog outside is a must. Although I will personally miss summer and I’ll anxiously be awaiting the next one, I am excited about the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release and all of the great new features that are about to be at our fingertips.

Here are some of the newest features being rolled out in the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release that I think will make a huge impact on organizations:

Service Intelligence

Omni-channel is a fantastic tool for helping ensure that the right inquiries get to the right agents as quickly as possible. Although its ability to assist with routing and prioritizing your work items is incredible, the analytic component, Omni-Channel Supervisor always left a little to be desired. That all changes with the release of Service Intelligence – ready-made dashboards that allow you to analyze your service trends, agent behaviors, and customer satisfaction scores. The omni-channel dashboard does a great job of visualizing and providing you insights into your agent performance and will be a welcome upgrade for anyone currently using or considering using omni-channel to manage your work items.

Einstein Generative AI Features

Generative AI is quickly changing the way we work and interact with our customers and Salesforce continues to invest and expand their feature set when it comes to AI. This release has a number of new generative features spanning every single product that Salesforce has. One feature that I think will provide of ton of early value is the pre-work briefing within Field Service. Allowing field technicians to quickly and efficiently see a summary of their upcoming work orders is a great use case for generative AI.

Intelligent Document Reader

At Torrent Consulting we specialize in both Healthcare and Life Sciences and Manufacturing and we’ve been really impressed with how quickly both Health Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud continue to evolve. Salesforce continues to benefit from their Vlocity acquisition and seeing the continued expansion of features like the Intelligent Document Reader is a true testament to why Salesforce continues to invest in new acquisitions. In document-heavy industries like HLS and Manufacturing, leveraging Intelligent Document Reader to automate business processes like warranty claim processing, purchase order entry and approval, and RMAs will lead to huge productivity gains. The possibilities of embedding this tool into existing workflows are limitless.

Embed Data Cloud Data within Salesforce

Data Cloud will continue to play a large role moving forward for any organization that is currently using Salesforce or has plans to use Salesforce in the future. Having a strategic vision when it comes to harmonizing and taking action on your data is something that every CIO should be prioritizing in this day and age. With that said, having as many tools as possible as an admin or architect to determine how best to surface or interact with data within Data Cloud is critical – so being able to now copy or query data from Data Cloud into standard Salesforce components that you can add to records pages is a big leap forward. I can see this being incredibly important in the service realm for Med Tech companies that produce health-related wearables that collect massive amounts of data in real time, surfacing those insights to CRM users will lead to limitless personalization opportunities.



Andrew Cann

Andrew Cann is the VP of Delivery at Torrent Consulting. He is 13x Salesforce certified, is a member of the Salesforce Service Cloud Partner Advisory Board, and has worked in the ecosystem for 12 years.

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