Optimizing Referral Network Management with Salesforce Health Cloud

In the complex landscape of healthcare, referral network management is a critical process that significantly impacts patient care and the

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In the complex landscape of healthcare, referral network management is a critical process that significantly impacts patient care and the financial health of providers. This article explores the challenges associated with managing referrals and the role of Health Cloud in addressing these challenges.

The Referral Network Management Challenge in Healthcare

The management of healthcare referrals is often hindered by various factors, including the lack of accessible information on in-network and out-of-network physicians, inefficient scheduling, and a lack of oversight for referrals. These challenges can lead to substantial financial losses for hospitals and other healthcare providers, making it imperative to find effective solutions to streamline the referral process and maximize in-network referrals.

Health Cloud for Referral Management 

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to Health Cloud to streamline their patient referral network management to ultimately, prioritize and qualify leads. Let’s take a look at the key features that streamline referral management.

Centralized Referral Tracking

Health Cloud provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing referrals. This eliminates the need for disparate systems and ensures a unified view of the referral process. Healthcare leaders can benefit from a bird’s-eye view, allowing for better decision-making and resource allocation. Health Cloud allows referrals to come in as Opportunities so organizations can engage with their patient data as well as referrals waiting for initial qualification.  

example of patient referrals salesforce dashboard

Seamless Communication Among Care Teams

Communication breakdowns are a thing of the past with Health Cloud. Its collaborative tools facilitate real-time communication among care teams, fostering a cohesive environment all within one platform. 

salesforce referral management screen example

Enhanced Patient Care Coordination

Health Cloud’s comprehensive patient profiles empower care teams to coordinate seamlessly. Eliminating duplicative efforts ensures patients receive the right care at the right time.

patient care coordination salesforce screen example

Key Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Salesforce Health Cloud offers several key benefits for healthcare organizations in managing their referral networks. Some of the benefits include:

Increased Operational Efficiency

Health Cloud’s automation and centralized approach lead to a more streamlined referral process, reducing manual errors and saving time. Organizations can expect improved operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With better communication and coordination, patient outcomes are significantly enhanced. Organizations can focus on how Health Cloud positively impacts patient care, ensuring a higher standard of service.

Accurate Referral Processing

Health Cloud helps in assisting care coordinators and improving patient outcomes by enabling accurate referral processing. When referrals come in as Leads, users can quickly qualify or disqualify the referral and then convert them to prospective patients who are ready to be scheduled.

Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

Health Cloud provides pre-built dashboards and reports for analyzing patient or member referrals, enabling users to track and manage important aspects of their referral management from payer mix to referral source.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Maintaining patient data security is a top priority. Health Cloud’s robust security features and compliance adherence provide peace of mind for organizations, ensuring patient information is handled with the utmost care.


In conclusion, effective referral management is essential for healthcare organizations to ensure seamless care coordination and maximize revenue. By leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud, healthcare organizations can overcome the challenges associated with referral management, improve patient outcomes, and achieve greater operational efficiency.


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Allison Getty

Allison Getty is the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Lead at Torrent Consulting. She is 7x Salesforce certified, is a member of the Salesforce Health Cloud Advisory Board, and has worked in the healthcare space for 8 years.

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