A Snapshot Look at Our Hiring Process

Here at Torrent Consulting, putting people first is not just something we say; it is a way that we live

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Here at Torrent Consulting, putting people first is not just something we say; it is a way that we live out our core purpose: raising up leaders so that lives are transformed. That’s why when interacting with our Talent Acquisition Team, our goal is to make you feel informed, equipped, and valued. Now, let's walk you through our interview process, so you know exactly what to expect.

Step #1: Get to Know Us Before You Begin

Before diving into the interview process, we recommend you to take a moment to explore what Torrent Consulting is all about. Check out our About Us, People & Culture, and Social Impact pages to get a sense of our values and what drives us. Want an inside peek at our team-oriented and authentic culture? Follow us on Instagram, where you can see what your future co-workers are up to.

Step #2: Introduction

We want to make you feel comfortable from the start and provide a space that allows you to be yourself. Instead of standard phone screens, we'll set up a 30-minute Zoom call with one of our recruiters. This way, we can have a genuine conversation and start building a meaningful connection right away. Relax, this step is not about screening you out; it's about getting to know each other better and setting the right expectations for your journey ahead.

Step #3: Skills Interview

After a successful initial chat, we'll schedule a skills interview with two current team members who know the ins and outs of the position you're interested in. Being in that same position now or having held it in the past, they'll be eager to hear about your experiences and answer any questions you have about the role. We're also mindful of ensuring that you’re interviewing for a role that is best aligned to your skills and passions. For instance, if someone applies for a consulting role, but after we hear more about their experience and interests, it could become clear that they’d be better on a technical path and we’ll make sure to provide that feedback. {{cta('4ec5d94a-244a-4b31-93d4-3222d94c2a0d')}}

Step #4: Core Values Interview

This is where our process substantially differs from more traditional interviews. At Torrent Consulting, we hold our six core values dear to our hearts: Resourceful, passionate, servant leader, driven, team-oriented, and authentic. They define who we are and how we operate. That’s why it is essential to understand if our culture and your aspirations are aligned. This stage of the interview is conducted by two other team members, and they’re designed to gauge whether or not Torrent will fit well for you. Remember, our interview process is not just about skills; we believe our collective success stems from having the right people on board.

Step #5: Final Interview

Finally, you'll have the opportunity to sit down with one of the leaders from our Executive Team for an hour-long conversation. This is a crucial step for both sides to reflect on everything they’ve learned so far and share about the company story and vision. It's a valuable chance for you to answer the questions you have, to help decide if Torrent Consulting is a place you’ll be happy working at. We can't wait to get to know you better and find if you’re the incredible addition we've been searching for. Just remember, our Talent Acquisition team will be putting you first and is here to help you throughout this journey. Now, let’s get started! Salesforce Jobs


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