What Nonprofit Cloud Means for Your Organization, According to Salesforce

Salesforce’s recent launch of Nonprofit Cloud has generated considerable buzz among charitable orgs and the SFDC ecosystem alike. In its

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Salesforce’s recent launch of Nonprofit Cloud has generated considerable buzz among charitable orgs and the SFDC ecosystem alike. In its wake, we’ve heard customers repeatedly ask one question: “What does this mean for my Salesforce org?”

To answer this and more, we interviewed a Salesforce.org spokesperson about what Nonprofit Cloud means for their users. Here’s what they said:

Everything You Love about the Nonprofit Success Pack, with More Features Available

The first question we asked: “Is Nonprofit Cloud an evolution of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), or a replacement for it?” As it turns out, the answer is more nuanced than either of those options.

As a spokesperson explained, “Whereas NPSP is a product, Nonprofit Cloud is a solution that encompasses NPSP and anything else that is built for nonprofits on the Salesforce platform.” So nonprofits already using the NPSP can continue using it without migrating to a different solution.


A Reaffirmation of Salesforce’s Commitment to the Nonprofit Space

Similar to the launches of Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud, this move appears to signal a committed investment in the nonprofit space. Per Salesforce.org, “We are investing in nonprofit technology at unprecedented levels, across our solution lines for Fundraising, Program Management and Engagement. Our rapidly accelerating roadmap of programs is delivering the nonprofit innovation that our community of nonprofit trailblazers needs to deliver more impact.”

Einstein Gets Philanthropic

One of the most intriguing developments from the launch of Nonprofit Cloud is Einstein Analytics for Impact, an artificial intelligence app designed explicitly for the charitable world. According to Salesforce.org, “[It] will allow nonprofits to analyze their programs and use data visualizations to tell the story of their mission success and report their impact to funders… Leveraging the power of having an organization’s data in one place, fundraisers can tie their income streams directly to the outcomes of the programs they are funding.”

Put another way, when Einstein Analytics for Impact launches in Winter ‘19, it will enable nonprofits to advance their mission by providing visibility into past program success and trends that point to future growth.

Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Kits to Expand the Platform’s Functionality

The truth is, no two nonprofits are the same — those in different fields and of different sizes will face entirely different challenges. Their technology needs will differ as a result. For that reason, Salesforce.org is releasing Nonprofit Cloud Kits to arm different types of nonprofits with the tools they need to advance their mission.

Salesforce has already released its Growth Kit, which, according to the same spokesperson, “puts together the right pieces of the Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud products and resources for smaller organizations to build their digital mission in the cloud.” Designed based on feedback from multiple nonprofits with under 50 employees, it contains “products and success resources to help nonprofits with their marketing, fundraising and programs.”

No Change to NPSP Pricing; Elect for the Add-Ons You Need

Nonprofit Cloud’s launch generated some questions among the ecosystem about whether it might signal a shift in pricing. However, per Salesforce.org, its discounted pricing structure for the NPSP will not change. “Nonprofits currently using NPSP will have access to the same technology they’ve already had, and will have access to anything that comes out as part of the core NPSP roadmap.”

But the broader Nonprofit Cloud roadmap includes products outside the NPSP that will likely require additional licenses, like Einstein and the kits mentioned above. According to Salesforce.org, “organizations can work with their account executives to determine which products and licenses are right for them.”

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud marks an exciting shift in the nonprofit space, to a solution dedicated to meeting the breadth of challenges charitable organizations face. Salesforce’s roadmap contains numerous new products and enhancements designed to service nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

And best of all, as the Salesforce.org spokesperson we spoke with noted, “this is only the beginning of what Salesforce.org is bringing to the nonprofit community with Nonprofit Cloud.”

Have more questions about how to drive your mission forward with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud? Let us know how we can help!