Chrome Extensions You’ll Love if You’re a Salesforce User or Admin

Google Chrome extensions are a great way to make your life easier as a Salesforce administrator or power user. There

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Google Chrome extensions are a great way to make your life easier as a Salesforce administrator or power user. There are many helpful add-ons out there – we’ve listed our favorite free extensions below to make your life a little bit easier.  


Column Copy is invaluable for taking rows or columns of standard and custom fields out of Salesforce and into a spreadsheet. The one-click copy/paste functionality is great for getting your long field lists into spreadsheets.

Grammarly for Chrome

There is a free and a paid version of this extension, and we feel the free version does the trick. Spelling and grammar errors can be checked in most fields on Salesforce, which makes you as an admin look like a grammar all-star to your users.

Salesforce API Fieldnames

This extension shows the API field names on detail pages in Salesforce. Invaluable for integration users out there!

Salesforce Colored Favicons

This extension overrides the standard Salesforce favicon with one color based on the org. Also, it displays a separate icon for sandbox instances. If you work in multiple sandboxes or production orgs, this extension provides a quick visual update to the Salesforce cloud color, which makes tabbing through orgs a thing of the past. Enhanced Formula Editor

Through this Google extension, you can enhance the formula editor text areas to have syntax highlighting, tabbing, parenthesis matching, and find and replace. For admins who struggle with writing complex formulas, this extension provides text enhancements which resemble HTML code editing clues. Quick Login As

This extension is AWESOME. If you have ever received a call or support request from a user who claims to have lost access to a record or can’t find a field on a page layout, this extension allows you login as that user and see exactly what they see.

Salesforce1 Simulator

Launch Salesforce1 in a mobile simulator on your desktop machine. This extension comes in handy when training users on the Salesforce1 app.

Boostr for Salesforce

Boostr makes creating change sets in Salesforce easy by allowing admins to quickly add components. It also provides visibility into field API names when adding to change sets. These features are helpful if you’ve ever spent too much time creating change sets for your org.

Go Directly To User Detail on SFDC

We also love Go Directly To User Detail on SFDC. When Chatter is enabled, it takes you directly to the User Detail rather than the Chatter Feed page in Classic, eliminating an extra (headache-inducing) step for Admins.


After you add a few extensions, why not brush up on integrations? 





Allison Getty

Allison Getty is the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Lead at Torrent Consulting. She is 7x Salesforce certified, is a member of the Salesforce Health Cloud Advisory Board, and has worked in the healthcare space for 8 years.

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