See why we believe people should be at the heart of every solution and that technology should support their efforts to drive forward. 

The Torrent Way

Business and technology are changing faster than most of us can keep up with. The constant stream of updates and new products are meant to make our businesses more efficient, but it often turns into a costly distraction.

When what you desire most is to drive your vision forward, this can feel overwhelming and confusing. You went into business to make a difference, to achieve more and to create change in your sector or community.

Torrent Consulting specializes in building visions. We believe technology should help the people in your business succeed – not be another barrier to overcome. Our personal mission is to raise leaders that spark change in our communities and businesses, and we do that by investing in people with big ideas and passions.

We are experts in Salesforce and mobile and cloud technologies, but we look first at the people­ needs and processes of your business. Many consultants start with the technology and then instruct people on how to use that solution. At Torrent we believe that people should be at the heart of the solution. That’s the Torrent Way!

Our priority is aligning your business processes with the technology that will best serve your employees and customers, so you can keep doing what you do best – building something greater!

The Torrent Way with a Torrent Guide