View our Core Values to learn more about the hard working, passionate leaders at Torrent. 

Core Values

At the heart of Torrent Consulting are our Core Values. These are the values that form the foundation of our company and the qualities exhibited by our people each day.

Purposeful Go-getters

What we mean:

Motivated, self-starter, excited, lean and agile, purpose-filled, ambitious.

What we don’t mean:

Workaholic, single-minded, overbearing.

What does a ‘purposeful go-getter’ sound like?

We get after it. We have big ideas and big hustle. We make a decision and move quickly. We want to see change in the world, and we don’t want to wait around for someone else to do it. We’re a team of go-getters and motivated self-starters who want to make a difference. Torrent’s passion comes from being a group of people who wake up with a purpose and an unyielding desire to make it better.

Intentional Innovators

What we mean:

Progressive, unconventional, entrepreneurial, empowering, inventive.

What we don’t mean:

Unrealistic, rebellious, too ‘out of the box’.

What does an ‘intentional innovator’ sound like?

We go against the traditional corporate status quo. We have a new definition of success that isn’t only about the bottom line. The people who make up Torrent get fired up about making a big impact and charting a new course. Torrent is about empowering people throughout the company to effect change and creating something that lasts.

Servant­-Oriented Leaders

What we mean:

Kind, caring, helpful, approachable, trusted, diverse, joyful, encouraging, empathetic, inspirational.

What we don’t mean:

Too soft, lacking ambition or confidence, no focus.

What does a ‘servant-oriented leader’ sound like?

The people of Torrent are universally described as ‘some of the most helpful people we know.’ Our drive comes from a passion to help people and an unyielding desire to achieve more. We see clients and coworkers first as human beings. We believe that good business stems from strong relationships, and we assume positive intent in everyone we encounter.

We believe that servant-oriented leaders make a habit of putting others first. Leadership is best proven by removing obstacles for teammates, instilling confidence in others and helping everyone succeed together.

Connected Team Players

What we mean:

Team-oriented, connected, inclusive, holistic, diverse, strength-focused, family, trustworthy.

What we don’t mean:

Siloed, self-promoting, bureaucratic, hierarchical.

What does a ‘connected team player’ sound like?

The Team, The Team, The Team. We’re stronger together than we are apart, and no single person can do it alone. Looking holistically at problems helps businesses and individuals thrive. Everyone brings a different, and valued, point of view that helps us get to a better solution. We make sure each team member is operating in their strengths.

Teams are built on trust and the freedom to try, succeed and fail. We believe that there is room for everyone at the top, and we strive to grow and support each other as leaders in an encouraging environment.

Resourceful Strategic Thinkers

What we mean:

Confident, resourceful, learners, humble intelligence, growth-minded.

What we don’t mean:

Genius, professor-type, know-it-all, arrogant.

What does a ‘resourceful strategic thinker’ sound like?

Torrent Guides are an intelligent, ‘pretty smart’ bunch. We have a black belt in Google, and we know how to be resourceful. Confident in our abilities, we are able to help without a know-it-all attitude. We are enthusiastic leaders, and we like to share knowledge to empower people, both internal and external. This ‘smartness’ makes us a credible resource for problem solving.

Committed Achievers

What we mean:

Goal-oriented, results-driven, enthusiastic, aspiring, growth-focused.

What we don’t mean:

Unbalanced, workaholic, arrogant.

What does a ‘committed achiever’ sound like?

We like to win! We’re some of the nicest people you know, but we have a competitive side that doesn’t stop. We’re motivated by results and by edging out the competition. Turning out work isn’t enough. We are committed to our team and to producing meaningful, high- quality projects that reach goals and push the envelope. We push each other to succeed in a positive, motivating environment, so we can all get ahead together.