Behavioral Health Response Reimagines Crisis Management Through Integrated Cloud Technology

Behavioral Health Response (BHR) provides 24/7 confidential counseling to people in mental health crises. Founded in 1994, it works with health organizations in the greater Saint Louis area to provide their patients and communities with barrier-free support through a variety of channels, including phone, text, chat and video.

Business Challenge


BHR previously relied on a homegrown Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to track their patient care data. Their legacy technology was not scalable or flexible enough to support new lines of business such as their tele-behavioral health program. In addition, it didn’t integrate with BHR’s customer relationship or contract management system, preventing them from providing the desired level of access to their clients and the communities they serve. Finally, their homegrown EHR’s lack of a user-friendly UI and reporting system reduced the efficiency of their clinicians and prevented BHR’s management from developing a clear picture of the types of individuals taking advantage of their crisis management services.


BHR knew that their goals for unrestricted patient access relied on the right technology, and their previous solution just wasn’t cutting it. Furthermore, BHR leadership wanted to invest in technology that would allow them to integrate their EHR, CRM and contract management systems on a seamless platform that would support their expanding operations.



BHR is working with Torrent Consulting to transform the way they engage with fellow health organizations and their patients with Service Cloud and Community Cloud. With Service Cloud, they can integrate multiple patient channels — phone, text, chat and video — on one database, and their support team can customize their response and treatment based on who is calling from which care network. Community Cloud, meanwhile, allows their partners to view patient and call data to stay up to date on relevant outcomes.


BHR’s current investment in Salesforce’s CRM functionality and future investment in its contract management modules will provide them with a fully integrated data management platform that can support its clinical informatics and business intelligence needs. Most importantly, these solutions will enable the staff to fulfill their motto — “We Care, We Listen, We Respond… 24 Hours a Day.”



Centering their organization around an easy-to-use, integrated and scalable platform will help BHR create a novel solution in the behavioral health field. The biggest areas of impact include:

A patient call wait time under 30 seconds

A call abandonment rate under 5%

Customer base growth through expanded offerings, such as support channels and outcomes reporting

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